In an effort to assist potential grantees have the best chance possible for receiving funds from the Buena Vista County Community Foundation we offer a number of training tools and guidance for grant writers on this web page.  These tools include the following:

  1. Tips and Tricks Guidance.  During active grant cycles we post tips, tricks and reminders for grant writers and potential applicants on our Facebook page.
  2. We regularly update the FAQ page on this webpage with common questions and answers that we hear from applicants.
  3. We have created a Buena Vista County Community Foundation YouTube channel for the foundation where you can find helpful video’s on a variety of topics that can help you with your application.
  4. Refer to the Application Hints lower on this page with some specific application hints that we recommend grant writers review prior to submitting your application.
  5. We have developed a News section on our website that we add information to on a regular basis, this is a good place to check for updated information and additional tips for grant writers.

Our goal is to provide applicants with the best information on our grant programs and to help them make their application the best it can possibly be for submittal.  We will also enterain and respond to questions from applicants by email or through Facebook messaging application up to the week prior to the grant submittal date.

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Grant Application Instructions

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Application Helpful Hints

Phase 1 Scoring

Phase 1 scoring is the Foundation’s way of ensuring that all applications are completed and submitted under a basic set of guidelines. All grants submitted are given the full 40 points available in the Phase 1 scoring and then receive deducts for specific guidelines that are not followed when the application is submitted. What to ensure you get the full 40 points? Then you need to make sure you comply with the following items:

  • Submit 1 Original Signature Application PLUS 6 Complete Copies (40 Point Reduction)
  • All Prior Awards Are Completed and Final Reports Submitted (40 Point Reduction)
  • Grant is Signed by the Highest-Ranking Official (30 Point Reduction)
  • Budget Section of Application Balances (25 Point Reduction)
  • Signature on Original Copy are in Blue or Red Ink (Not Black) (20 Point Reduction)
  • Application is signed by Two Different and Unique Individuals, One of Which is the Highest-Ranking Official (20 Point Reduction)
  • Grant Does Not Include More than Six Additional Pages Single Sided (15 Point Reduction)
  • 501.C.3 Documentation Included (10 Point Reduction)

Each grant can lose a maximum of 40 points in the Phase 1 scoring process. It is very typical that an application that loses points in this phase of the scoring is not funded. Medium grants must score at least 65 points over both phases to be fundable and large grants must score at least 75. A significant reduction of points in this round can make your grant ineligible for funding.

Eligible Project Types

The Foundation only funds long-term impact projects which are capital projects in their nature. The project does not need to be brick and motor but should be something that will have a lasting impact for several years after completion.

The Foundation does NOT fund operational projects, operational budgets, training expenses, or staffing expenses. Generally, we are not interested in funding consumable items such as supplies, materials for projects, and disposal items. The organization making the application must be able to sustain its operations without grant funds.

Grant funds can be used to enhance services already offered through a capital-type investment.

The Foundation also does NOT fund maintenance projects or projects that repair or replace existing facilities or equipment. Examples include new roofs, replacement of appliances, and repairs to damaged facilities. Historical restoration of historically significant structures are eligible projects.

Grant Submission

The foundation accepts grants during each grant cycle only up until the advertised deadline which is a specific date and time. Applications can be submitted in one of two ways as follows:

MAIL – You can mail your application to the Foundation at P.O. Box 771, Storm Lake, Iowa 50588. If you mail your application please note that the Foundation is not responsible for late, lost, or misdirected mail. If the application is not received by the deadline it will not be accepted.

DROP-OFF – We have partnered with Storm Lake United (SLU) to provide a drop-off location for applications. SLU has a locked drop box located inside their lobby where you can personally deliver your application packet (remember that you need to include 1 original signed application PLUS 6 complete copies). Storm Lake United is located at 119 W. 6th Street, Storm Lake, Iowa 50588. Please note that SLU staff is not involved with the Foundation, they are not able to answer questions or assist you with your application, they simply are providing us with a public, safe, and secure drop-off location