The Foundation’s intend of funding a project is that the project will be completed within the following 12 months; however, the Foundation understands that from time to time projects run into challenges that require an extended period of time to complete. In these cases, the grantee should request an extension prior to the end of the initial 12-month period.

Keep in mind that by signing the grant agreement you are committing to the completion of the project within the 12-month grant timeline, any need to extend that timeline will need the grantee to file a grant extension request. All grant extension requests shall be filed prior to the end of the original 12-month grant timeline and as soon as it is known that the project will not be completed within the grant timeline provided.

More information on Grant Extensions can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

All grant extension requests are to be completed and submitted on the form provided on our web page. The Grant Extension Request form is located lower on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grant Extension Request Form

If you are not able to complete your project within the 12 months following the award of funds you will need to either refund the award to the Foundation or complete and have approved a request for a Grant Timeline Extension. The form to complete the extension request is provided on this page for your use.

This form is used to request a project extension from the Buena Vista County Community Foundation for projects that are going to take more than 12 months from the award notification to complete.


    By completing and submitting this extension request I understand that we are not eligible for any future awards from the Foundation until this project is completed, a Final Report has been submitted, and the Final Report has been approved by the Foundation. In addition, I understand that the Foundation reserves the right to withdraw funding should the project not be completed prior to the mutually agreed update extended deadline.