Currently, the Foundation has three Grant Types for their funding cycles.  These types are as follows:

Small Grants

Designed to be an entry level grant that provides for the achievement of smaller projects or for smaller organizations with limited resources.  The following guidelines apply to this grant type:

  • Limited to a maximum award of $2,000.00 (can be less)
  • No matching funds required but it is always good to show that the organization supports the project by providing some resources to the effort.
  • All grant must achieve a minimum score of 65% to be funded.

Medium Grants

These grants are by far the largest percentage of what we fund.  The Medium Grants increase the award levels from the Small Grants and add some additional requirements.  The following guidelines apply to this grant type:

  • Limited to a maximum award of $5,000.000 (can be less).
  • A $1 for $1 match is required but the match can be either cash or in-kind donations or services.
  • All grants must achieve a minimum score of 65% to be funded.

Large Grants

Designed specifically to be harder to achieve funding the type allows for funding of great projects that have larger costs but greater benefits.  The following guidelines apply to this grant type:

  • Unlimited in terms of dollars. However, the Foundation only has limited funds available to grant out to organization, thus the Foundation reserves the right to cap funding and/or provide funding over an extended period of time.
  • Required $1 for $1 cash match. Example: An award for $10,000 would have to be matched with cash from the grantee of $10,000 or another non-county foundation source.
  • All grants must achieve a minimum score of 75% to be funded.

Grant Guidelines


  • All grant must be submitted on the current Buena Vista County Community Foundation Grant Application. A new application is released for each round and available on our web page (please see the button at the bottom of this page).
  • Applicants are eligible to be awarded one grant application per 12-month time period unless they have not yet completed their prior project in which case they are not eligible until that project is completed. Projects are not considered completed until the Foundation has received and accepted the Final Report from the grantee.
  • Grants must be signed by two unique individuals, one of which must be the highest authority person able to sign and commit the organization to the terms of the grant award, if awarded. Some examples of highest authority defined by the foundation area as follows:
    • For a City Application – The Mayor
    • For a County Application – The Chair of the Board of Supervisors
    • For a School – The Chair of the School Board
    • For a private foundation – the President or Board Chair
    • A Department Manager is not considered the highest authority
  • Signatures on the original application must be in Blue or Red ink and must be an original signature.
  • All grants should be submitted with one (1) original AND six (6) copies for a total of seven (7) grants.
  • Applicants who do not meet the 501.C.3 status required for funding or are not a City, County, or School District can still apply using a fiscal sponsor who does meet that requirement. An additional signature, and approval of the fiscal sponsor organization, is required.  Again this signature should be in blue or red ink and an original on the original application.

Applicants can get additional assistance and tips by visiting our Facebook Page or by checking out the FAQ’s section on our web page.

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